Neuroscience of ADHD

The Neuropsychology of ADHD The neuropsychology of ADHD is a growing field with a wide range of treatments. In the last decade, advances in neuroimaging and transcranial nerve stimulation (TNS) have revealed that children and adolescents show accelerated neural plasticity. These findings make novel treatments using TNS an attractive clinical intervention. However, these therapies must …

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Neuroscience of Gratitude

The Neuroscience of Gratitude There is much research on the neuroscience of gratitude. This positive psychology is a critical component of a flourishing lifestyle and may help you overcome the challenges you face. A person’s capacity for gratitude can increase their performance at work, school, and relationships. Fortunately, scientists have begun to understand the science …

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Quantum Neuroscience

How Does Quantum Neuroscience Work? Quantum physics and quantum neuroscience are closely linked, but their basic principles are far different. Earlier, physicists thought that living cells would blot out the quantum nature of most processes. But in current years, researchers have found that living cells can exploit these properties to understand our mental and physical …

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